Run for little heroes
10.Jun 2024

Run for little heroes

Stafeta srcem 2024

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

Last week, a local company, SYRMIA, organized their third humanitarian run called “Stafeta Srcem,” in which we participated for the first time. It all started as a simple proposition but quickly became the main topic of conversation in our office. Initially, we thought that running 850 meters would be easy, so we signed up. However, once we looked at the distance on the map, we began to speculate and laugh about all the funny things we might face on the running path.

Despite our initial concerns, some of us managed to train a few times before the race. Even though one of our colleagues fell ill and the backup runner injured their knee the day before the event, we gather a team of five. Marko, Milan, Boris, Milica, and Marko rose to the occasion.

Run for little heroesRun for little heroesRun for little heroesRun for little heroes

Not only did we survive the run, but we also exceeded our expectations by winning our first 71st place. We were all extremely proud of our colleagues who ran and gave their best. After the race, we enjoyed an amazing time with our families, who came to support us, and mingled with other participants from different companies.

Run for little heroesRun for little heroesRun for little heroes

It was incredible to see the community come together to support such an important cause – the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer. This race felt like our first training session for next year, and we are already looking forward to participating again. Being part of an event with such a significant goal was truly inspiring, and we can’t wait for next year’s race.

Run for little heroes

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