Charging batteries
04.Nov 2021

Charging batteries

Team building 2021

The month of October is dedicated to the organization of Team Building. After gathering in front of our company's headquarters, we headed to Vrnjačka Banja.

Hotel "Vrnjačke Terme" was our host this year and we are more than satisfied with the service we received there: starting with accommodation units, meals at the hotel and most importantly, the spa center which contains several pools, slides, jacuzzi, salt room, etc.

On the second day of our stay at the hotel, we planned joint team-building activities aimed primarily at fun, but also at raising the team spirit and cooperation of our teams..

Charging batteriesMaximum concentration
Charging batteriesUnited in maintaining balance
Charging batteriesJenga Game Winners!

Our overall impression of this year's organization is a pure 10!

Eagerly awaiting the next team building, we happily recall these photos and plan new memories together.

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